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Cold, warm, or hot --
We've got your "glass" covered!


We have a large selection of supplies for stained glass and fusing artists.   All supplies are available for purchase via phone, fax or email.  All orders will ship within 2 business days.  Some of our supplies are listed below:
*Temperature Controlled Weller 100 Watt Iron
*Weller 80 Watt Soldering Iron
*Running Pliers
*Grozing Pliers
*Lead Dykes
*Glass Pro Running Pliers
*Sal Ammoniac 4 oz. block
*Tool Caddy
*Edging Stone
*Various Replacement Tips for Weller Irons
*Various Widths of Silver Backed Copper Foil
*Various Widths of Black Backed Copper Foil
*Silvered Copper Foil
*New Wave Foil
*Various Patinas (Novacan and Jax)
*Flux Brush
*Glastar Grinder Coolant
*Glastar G8 Grinder
*Glastar G12 Grinder--Superstar II
*Cutting Oil
*Plastic Fid
*Finishing Compound/Wax
*Solder 50/50
*Solder 60/40
*Solder-Silver Gleem Lead Free Solder
*Table Foiler
*Wire Brush
*Fine Tip and Medium Tip Markers
We have one of the most extensive sheet glass selections in the midwest.  With over 2000 different sheets in stock, you are sure to find the right piece for your project.
  • Spectrum
  • Kokomo
  • Bullseye
  • Uroboros
  • Wissmach
  • Bullseye
  • GNA
  • Pilkington
  • Freemont
We carry a large assortment of glass & dichroic in 90 COE.
  • Dichroic glass
  • AIM Kilns
  • Slumping/draping/casting molds
  • Kiln furniture
  • Pate de Verre glue
  • Liquid Stringer
  • Stands for finished pieces
  • Books
  • Bullseye Sheet Glass
  • Bullseye Frit and Stringers

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